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About Rezonator

Rezonator is a company with long standing working experience on the Macedonian market. In 1994, the company started with its operations on the field of production and trade of mechanisms for tapestry furniture and it is the first Macedonian factory of this type.

Apart from the manufacturing activities, Rezonator is working with trading of all kinds of furniture. Using 100% own funds, in 1999 the company started with major building activities, and after finishing in 2004 , gained its present look.


From its foundation until today, we are investing massively in equipment and technology for production, following the latest technological developments in the World industry.
Today Rezonator dispose with a large number of machines, equipment, technology and professional employees, which are the perfect combination for production of most sophisticated products of its types. Through the years, Rezonator is experiencing a large increment of the production and trade, both on the home and foreign markets.